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Oh, I'd forgotten that I followed a random dw blog of some sort and it posed this question, today: What are you doing when you feel most beautiful?

I answered: I love this post and this question! When I feel most beautiful is when I am frolicking as a faery, doing my hair sparkling work, dancing, cuddling with people I love, aerial or figure skating makes me feel beautiful on good days, sitting on my favorite beach alone listening to waves, watching the sunset, making things, being kissed.

I would love to hear your answers. <3

This reminds me also that I started coloring in a coloring book and I very much want to get back to it. It feels like I have no time. But I do. If I can get off the freakin' internet for an hour. Today was kind of a fail, there. But I felt like there was so much I had to do, online today. Hard to manage that feeling, between necessary communication/promotion for work, and addiction.

Sophie is meowing at me from behind Shawn's door. Bedtime.

Date: 2017-05-06 06:17 am (UTC)
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That's beautiful.

I haven't felt beautiful in a long time but sometimes when I wear dress and make up, or do something fresh to my hair... sometimes when I dance or do yoga...also in moments when I'm swimming and I forget I'm not a mermaid... hehe.


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