Jan. 17th, 2017

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Stumbled upon a beautifully resonant article on the fookbase today, it felt like it was written by me in another voice, or something. It probably helps that she is also 41. Especially this part:

I have never felt more sensual, more attractive, creatively driven, at home in my skin, or more powerful in my life. Although it isn’t my path or my purpose to birth babies, I feel my body strong and productively capable for many years to come. My sexuality has reached a maturity and a way of expressing that is nothing short of exquisite.

I have developed an unsuspected ability to lead with grace, humility, and impact. With my hormonal and emotional systems settled in a new way, I have come into a whole new ability for balance, wisdom, giving, and service.

I see this also in those women around me who have recovered from the Aging Woman Syndrome. They are the women who have taken their power and bodies back from the invisible giant who makes them look tiny. They stand up much grander than the scared shadow of patriarchy, and are living on the leading edge of social change.

They have dropped the small talk and are holding this Earth in their arms, weaving a new basket for humanity and for those who come after us.

Article is here.


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