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These Writer's Block thingies are teh fun!

Inspiration for my arts and crafts comes from different sources at different times. Lately, I am most inspired by other artists' work. I see what they can do and I want to try, in my own style, with my own designs and materials.

Often artists' work inspires me just by being beautiful. Even though it's nothing like what I could or would want to do, I still find it inspirational just be way of its beauty and the feelings it conveys.

Lately I just adore other artists' environments, too. Grassroots galleries and underground shows, performance/street art during street fairs, whacky displays or really well-designed websites all pull at my creative heartstrings in one way or another.

And sometimes it's just stuff inside of me that bubbles out and demands expression. It's hard for me to force it - I can just pick up a pencil and do something, but the result is never as good as when I have something demanding expression inside of me. Sometimes my head swims with so many images that I feel like I'm overflowing, and it's an emergency situation and I need to get all of it down as soon as possible or I will lose it. Those moments are frequent, but fleeting, and I haven't found a way to capture and hold onto those rushes of creativity, except to embrace them and create within them for as long as I can before the demands of life distract me. It would be nice to lead a life where I could just immerse myself in that whenever the need arose. I dream of being a professional artist for that kind of reason.

Mostly I just love art and want to be a part of the artistic world, even though mine pretty much sucks. And crafting is just a fun thing to do.


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